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Pet Trusts: Making Certain Fido & Fluffy Are Cared For When You’re Gone

Everybody knows that a family doesn’t mean just people. Family also means your furry, feathery, and scaly loved ones, too! Your beloved dog, cat, fish, bird, snake, and so on all feel like real members of your family because they are to you. So, shouldn’t they be mentioned in your estate plan like everyone else you care about?

With a pet trust, you can arrange for special, directed, or general care of your pets after you pass away. This allows you to find peace of mind in knowing that your critters will still live comfortably and happily when you are gone.

What should be included in your pet trust?

  • Pets: First things first, you need to discuss what pets are actually going to be included in your pet trust. Don’t assume that your trust automatically includes all of your pets. You should take the time to name them individually.
  • People: Once you have named all of your pets to include in your pet trust, you have to name who will become responsible for the care of each of those pets. You should also list a second choice in case your first choice is not able to actually take in your pet after you pass away. For example, you may name your best friend to adopt your cat, but they live in an apartment complex that disallows pets.
  • Finances: You have to allocate funds from your estate to help pay for the care of your pets after you are gone. Forcing a pet upon someone but not giving them any financial support is not ideal for anyone, or for the pet. Your pet trust could even become contested if you allocate too little or too much for the care of a pet, so it is best to work with an estate planning lawyer to come up with a reasonable amount.
  • Instructions: Lastly but also quite importantly, you have to outline instructions of care. You can be general, if you like, but specifics are the norm for pet trusts. You can talk about food preferences, where your pet sleeps, favorite toys, and so on. You should also include in your instructions what to do with excess estate money if your pet passes away before the arranged finances expire.

Making Future Care for Fido & Fluffy Simple

Legacy Law Centers is here to help you write a fair and effective pet trust to include in your estate plan. We know that you want your cute critters to be happy even when you are not around to take care of them. With a real sense of compassion, our Leesburg pet trust attorneys will help you progress your plan in a way that meets your likings and ensures your pets are going to remember you fondly and comfortably thanks to the loving care of a friend or family member.

Call (571) 777-1000 today to begin your pet trust with a legal team you can trust.

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