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Age brings its own set of health issues. But a sudden accident or illness can rob anyone at any age of their independence. 

It’s important to have a solid plan in place to ensure you and your family are taken care of should you become mentally or physically disabled.

Isn't incapacity planning something you do when you're old and retired?

Growing old with your spouse or just surrounded by the people you love is a common dream for a happy life. 

But many think that the time for planning for disability is best put off for their “golden years.” However, the benefits of going through the incapacity planning process today only grow with time.

Incapacity or disability planning is the process of looking at the “what ifs” life may throw your way based on your own unique factors. 

Our team will help you consider your tomorrow and then will guide you as you make the best decisions for you and your family should you ever become incapacitated.

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Different paths to get to your ideal tomorrow

Some of the many disability planning tools we can use to help protect your legacy include:

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Incapacity planning vs. disability planning

Disability planning and incapacity planning refer to the same process of setting up protections for the legacy you’ve built over a lifetime. The plan addresses your assets, finances, care of family members, healthcare decisions, and more. 

Rather than leaving you and your family’s future up to fate, this proactive step helps mitigate the risks the uncertainty of life may bring. 

This helps you protect everything you’ve built, preserve it for future generations, and make sure you have a trusted decision-maker in place should you no longer be able to do so for yourself.

Benefits of estate planning for incapacity now

The benefits of doing incapacity planning early compound over time, just like the interest in your bank account.

A few of the key benefits include:

Care for children or dependents

Every parents’ nightmare is not being able to care properly for their children. Incapacity planning lets you choose who cars for minors, elderly parents, pets, and other loved ones.

Make financial decisions in advance

If you’re suddenly incapacitated, who would pay the mortgage or credit card? A proper plan ahead of time helps you remain in control no matter what.

Appoint healthcare agents

While Virginia has policies on end-of-life care, major decisions including continuing or ending life support can be left to the person of your choosing.

Healthcare decisions spelled out

Don't leave anything up for interpretation with how you'd like your medical care carried out in the event of a serious medical issue.

Do something about the uncertainty of life today.

If you’re interested in mapping out your tomorrow but unsure where to begin, our experienced Leesburg team is here to help. 

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