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Your legacy should be just that – that which you leave behind for your loved ones. From inheritance to heritage, passing on who you are to the next generation is one of life’s greatest gifts.

We can help create the framework to protect the transfer of that legacy to your future heirs.

How can a legacy planning lawyer help?

Deciding how to transfer your wealth must be considered part of the estate planning process. Family members, friends, other loved ones, and even charities can all be designated to receive portions of your assets.

However, legacy planning goes a step further. It’s taking a closer look at how your family members’ lives will change once they have inherited your assets.

Legacy planning is about preparing your loved ones for the wealth and other assets they inherit. And ensuring those assets last for generations to come.

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Creating a legacy estate plan takes foresight

Working with our clients to create an ideal legacy plan involves more than looking over the numbers. 

We’ll look at the important relationships in your life with actions like:

A team to protect the legacy you've built

Legacy planning takes a holistic approach. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to assemble a team of experts to address all aspects of your estate planning needs.

Whether we work with your current advisors or connect you with new ones, our goal is to create a plan tailored to your unique circumstances.

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Isn’t legacy estate planning just for the ultra-wealthy?

No! The biggest misconception of legacy planning is that it’s only for celebrities or those with the most means.

Anyone, from any station in life, can benefit greatly from legacy planning. 


  • What do you want to leave your children or other loved ones when you pass away?
  • What kind of plan will it take to ensure that vision becomes a reality when it’s most needed?


Comprehensive legacy planning helps clients think about what comes next and establishes the legal framework to safeguard the process.

Passing on your legacy is incredibly personal. That is why our team acts with discretion and professionalism to ensure your wishes are accurately captured.

We help you write your own story

Legacy planning provides the means to address what happens in our lives even after we pass away. 

Going through the legacy planning process provides many benefits including:

Educating your heirs

Preparing and educating your heirs teaches them how to preserve their inheritance for generations to come.

Multi-pronged Protection

A team approach helps protect your estate from taxes, creditors, divorce, and other bumps in the road.

Being Intentional

Legacy planning lets you be intentional and specify exactly what goes where, and when.

Care for Children

Specifying guardians ensures your children are cared for, even if you aren’t around.

The best time to think about your future is now.

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