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Estate Planning for Physicians in Loudoun County

Our firm has been helping physicians for decades. We understand the medical practice and all the benefits, risks, and fulfillment it can bring. 

From selling your practice to shielding assets, we help our physician clients protect the legacy they’ve built while practicing medicine.

What does Estate Planning for Doctors entail?

Estate planning is simply setting up the framework to ensure your wishes are upheld if you were to pass away or become incapacitated.

There are elements to consider like avoiding the probate process, maintaining privacy, and shielding the estate from estate taxes.

Physicians often also require counsel for business planning. We help look at the practice’s operations and the desired outcome for ownership. From there, we can help craft an exit strategy that maximizes your time, money, and energy invested into the practice.

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Legal tools for estate planning for Physicians in Leesburg & Loudoun County

Our team of seasoned estate planning attorneys have seen just about every situation imaginable for physicians. 

This practice area is unique both for the amount of liability incurred, but also size of assets requiring diligent oversight.

The many legal tools our team can utilize include:

Protect your legacy

Over the years, physicians develop special bonds with their patients. If you’re in the same location long enough, you will likely even see multiple generations from the same family. That relationship is built on trust. 

Our relationship with our physician clients too is built entirely on trustWe help you envision what their ideal tomorrow looks like. Those hopes and dreams can take many different forms.

With the utmost discretion and professionalism, we then work to formulate the legal framework that protects that vision long-term.

From initially drawing up legal documents to revisiting the estate plan to ensure ideals continue to line up, we’re here to support you every step of your journey.

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Busy practice demanding all your attention?

With many years spent counseling those in the medical fields, we have the foresight to develop the most cost-effective plans to safeguard your plans for the future. 

Best of all, we help make the process easy and straightforward for busy physicians. 

Our creative and highly-customized solutions look first to your goals and needs in order to develop and implement an estate plan that captures every detail.

Estate planning mistakes for Physicians to avoid

Practicing medicine, it can be so easy to get enveloped in the day-to-day and completely forget about what happens next. 

Some of the top situations to avoid include:

Not having a plan

Even a simplified will is better than nothing at all. We help physicians set up legally sound wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and more all to preserve and protect your loved ones -- now and tomorrow.

Naming a single beneficiary

With a cherished loved one, it may seem like a good idea to leave them the entirety of the estate. But if they pass away, you remarry, or other life changes occur, you may wish you had revisited naming beneficiaries for specific assets sooner.

Not updating your plan

Unlike the "set it and forget it" tagline from years past, an estate plan should not be made and then never looked at again. Updating your estate plan helps reflect your current state of affairs more accurately.

Not thinking about estate distribution sooner

No one likes to think about death or suddenly becoming incapacitated, but it happens every day. Implementing certain actions early helps compound the returns they provide.

Ready to see what we can do for Physicians?

To start the process of planning your ideal tomorrow, call our Leesburg based estate planning team at (571) 777-1000 or use our online contact form.

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