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Skilled Loudoun County Business Planning Lawyers

Pouring your heart and soul into a new business venture is incredibly exciting and also terrifying. 

In business, risks are everywhere. Our job as your business planning attorney is to help you have a plan in place for the many obstacles you may face as you run your business.

When is it time to get a Business Planning Attorney for your Company?

Entrepreneurs are the pioneers that drive the American economy. When you’re first starting out, you face a million questions: 

  • How should you incorporate?
  • Do you need a business license in your city?
  • How will you handle accounting and taxes?

The good news is that you’re not alone. From the get go, our team can come alongside you to develop a custom roadmap for your business venture. Contact us to schedule time with a business attorney now. 

From start-up decisions like the different forms of business to winding down your role in the company with a succession plan, we’ll be here to aid in your success every step of the way.

Contact us at (571) 777-1000 to get started today.

Trusted advice for every stage of business

Much like the perfect novel, every business has different chapters. Through these stages of growth, maturity, and eventual decline, countless decisions will be made. 

As new opportunities come, our team is available as your trusted business planning attorney for services including:

Starting your Business in Virginia

There are many different ways to form a business. Choosing whether your business would be set up for success as an LLC versus a partnership is a decision that requires forward-thinking. 

Our business planning attorneys take the time to talk with you about your goals and aspirations for the company. 

We’ll help you understand the pros and cons of different forms of business like:

Succession Planning for Businesses


After the success you experience as a business owner, there comes a time when every entrepreneur passes the torch.


We can help you explore different options like selling or the most advantageous ways to leave it in the hands of a trusted individual.


We utilize our many years in business law to ensure a legally sound and effective sale, dissolution, or transfer of business ownership.

To start the process of mapping out your business strategy in Leesburg and the surrounding Virginia area, contact us at (571) 777-1000.

Do I really need a Business Lawyer?

Taking the time to plan a solid course for your business helps to avoid costly mistakes.

Risk can’t be totally eliminated, but planning today means more time, energy, and capital down the road so you can remain in control of your business goals. 

Starting out, there are many details to consider which have widespread ramifications

Rushing through the process to get off the ground without a plan can mean a short-lived enterprise. 

We’ll work to understand how your business operates and what tools we can use to protect the legacy you’ll build.

Benefits of partnering with a Business Planning Attorney

Small business owners wear many different hats. Planning for business success may be low on the priority list. But taking the time to go through the business planning process produces dividends now and tomorrow. 

Savvy business owners who put in the work with business planning can expect:

Choosing the most suitable structure

We’ll look over where and how you intend to operate, and where you see your company heading to form a solid business structure.

Creating safeguards from liability

From writing a contract to legal compliance issues, the tools in our toolkit can create a wall of protection around your organization.

Protecting your intellectual property

We can help you explore different legal filings to protect your big ideas.

Having a pre-planned exit strategy

No matter what, at some point you will exit the company. We’ll create a roadmap to help get you there.

Start planning your success now

When you’re as excited about your client’s business success as we are, it shows in the work you do every day. 

We’re proud to have helped so many Virginia business owners plan, build, and see their dreams come to fruition. We help companies in Leesburg and the surrounding Loudoun County, Virginia area.

To speak to a business planning attorney, contact us online or at (571) 777-1000.

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